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Fiesta of Saint Bartholomew – Sóller

The Fiesta of Saint Bartholomew in Sóller is all about Fire and Art.

Its August and it´s hot!  But not too hot for a fiesta ! 

On the third Friday in August begins in Sóller five days of fiesta to celebrate it´s patron, Saint Bartholomew, to whom the iconic church which dominates the plaza in Sóller is dedicated. 

This five day culture fest of Saint Bartholomew features art exhibitions, theatre, artisan crafts, sporting events and the funfair comes to town ! Night after night there is music and dancing in the plaza.

But it is the opening and closing of the festival which are the really special nights.

Nit De L´Art Soller

One of the highlights for me is the opening night, the Nit de l´Art ( Night of Art ) when local artists open up their homes and entradas to exhibit their works. It´s a balmy night, the atmosphere is fantastic and old friends and neighbours stroll from house to gallery admiring the art and chatting with friends. For one night only Sóller becomes one big open art show and I love it!

Lighting the Sant Bartholomew fires Soller

The closing night of the Saint Bartholomew fiesta could hardly be more different – the Nit de Foc ( Night of Fire),  a pyrotechnic spectacular staged in the main square by the ´ Esclatabutzes de Sóller´, a collective of local performers eerily dressed in sackcloth and bird-man masks.

Nit de Foc - Esclatabutzes Soller

To the beat of drums and wheeling three fire- spinning beasts, the troop perform a correfoc ( a fire – run) holding catherine-wheels above their heads spraying showers of sparks over the crowds !

The Nit de Foc in Sóller has become one of the most specatular fire shows on the island.

Lighting the Sant Bartholomew fires Soller

It´s loud – and I mean loud – and it´s wild but it is truly unique.

So if you are in the golden valley in August for the feast of Saint Bartholomew, you can be sure that sparks will fly ! 

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