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The Rhythm of the Mallorcan Seasons

The annual rhythm of fiestas, fruits and vegetables dictate the season. But ask any Mallorcan and they will tell you, whilst we love the build up to summer and welcome our visitors for guaranteed sun, our favoured seasons are autumn, winter and spring.
Our time is ´the other half of the story´and thats what I want to share with you. As I write, we are into autumn in the valley of Soller, I can smell the aroma of the first fires burning, an essential part of life in the countryside, when crops, such as our world famous olives, have been harvested and the vegetation needs to be cut back. The smoke lingering in the valley with long clear nights.


As the autumn sun warms up, wisps of smoke that linger will slowly burn off.

The shooting signals the start of the hunting season, for control but also for sport. So if you are out foraging for one of Mallorca`s wild mushrooms, some 100 varieties, you need to be careful not to get shot! Bolets as they are know locally are revered with many restaurants celebrating their arrival with special menus.


Just one of the many ingredients we get to use in our home and restaurant kitchens. In the coming months I will share my ´picks´ about where to get the best eats, traditional local comfort foods and gastronomic treats.

Whichever seasons you choose to visit, I can promise a longer brighter day,luxurious accommodation at a snip and a chance to sample some of the best cuisine in the Mediterranean and a chance to breathe out, relax and return home a with a feeling of wellbeing.