Winter in Mallorca | December in Mallorca | January in Majorca

Winter in Mallorca

Winter in Mallorca might conjure up visions of  `boarded up´ villages, tumbleweed blowing through the streets, with the locals on snooze mode? Well think again!

Mallorca weather means that the winter months always offer a better climate than Northern European countries and, with longer daylight hours and temperatures averaging around 20 degrees, the short dark days of home will seem a world away.

The island´s hotels offer considerably reduced rates which combined with a Tonic bonus means you can enjoy luxury for a lot less.

Winter in Mallorca means drinking your cafe con leche or sipping a cool glass of cava with your shades on.

Placa Cort December Sunshine - Winter in Mallorca

In Mallorca `January blues ´ generally refer to the blue skies!  So how about a bit of shopping along the boulevards or a wander round the quaint old town of Palma ?

The quality and variety of shops compare to any large European city, there are no crowds and you could be shopping in short sleeves !

Shopping in Majorca

When the festivities are over and embracing the theme of `New Year , new you, ‘ why not work off the excesses of Christmas with a few days of renewal and rejuvenation and enjoy discounted rates at the magnificent Rafa Nadal Academy in Manacor ?

Rafa Nadal Academy

Or  join the thousands of cyclists and walkers who take advantage of the weather and make Mallorca their `winter holiday home´.

Cycling in Mallorca - Winter in Mallorca - January in Mallorca

As a bonus, a visit in January or February guarantees seeing Mallorca wearing one of its perfectly best outfits, four million almond trees in full blossom, a truly magnificent sight.

Almond Blossom Mallorca - Winter in Mallorca - January in Mallorca

Winter in Mallorca, blue skies, longer days, its a win win.

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