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Mallorca´s Mountain Goats

Mallorca´s Mountain Goats are out and about, you just need to look for them !

Autumn through to Spring is the best time to get on the move in Mallorca´s mountains, clear days, mild temperatures and the freshest of fresh air.

And hopefully you might even get to meet a few, very nimble goats along the way!

Goats in the Tramuntana

There is a good chance you will see them leaping from crag to rocky crag and even climbing trees. By the time your camera is out they are often gone!

Mountain-Goat-Formentor-Anita Mac

Majorca´s Tamuntana mountain goats have learned to work hard for a meal. There isn’t much about on these rugged slopes , so its stretch or starve.

Walking in the Tramuntana Mountains - Mountain Goats

We are very lucky on Mallorca to have a myriad of walks on offer, from coastal paths offering views of crystal clear coves to forest walks and big mountain summit climbs, giving you breathtaking vistas to reward you for all your hard work.

Views across the Tramuntana - Mountain Goats

As well as mountain goats, you may also spot one of Mallorca’s rare black vultures! These magnificent creatures can often be seen circling and gliding on the mountain thermals looking for lunch.

If you are new to hill-walking,  then you could start on on Mallorca´s lower mountain slopes of Serra de Llevant in the east of the island or, if you are ready for a challenge, then head straight to the Tramuntana mountain range in the northwest.

There are numerous guide books available, walking companies offering guided walks such as Mallorca Hiking who offer many years of experience and the Consell de Mallorca website is a font of information.

The Government has invested huge sums of money in recent years making sure paths are kept-up in Mallorca´s mountains and routes are clearly marked with wooden sign posts so hopefully you won´t get lost!

Walking Signs Mallorca - Mountain Goats Mallorca

So why not come and have a wander around this beautiful island.

We have Deals running at luxury hotels across the island year round.

You never know you might just spot one of those mountain goats !

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