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Art in the Tramuntana

These majestic mountains have inspired Art in the Tramuntana for nigh on 200 years. The sheer splendour of the terrain, lofty peaks, dizzying sea cliffs, Mediterranean light and pure tranquility have repeatedly attracted artists to this north west corner of Mallorca.

Describing the Tramuntana , George Sand (Frederic Chopin’s lover) wrote in 1855 that “everything the poet or painter might dream of has been created here by nature”.

Art Work by Manuella Holló - MallorcanTonic

Manuella Holló

Many international artists have arrived, fallen in love and made the Tramuntana their home and the latest generation of artists exhibit regularly in the galleries and cultural spaces of Valldemossa, Deiá, Sóller, Fornalutx and Biniaraix.

Valldemossa celebrates local art and culture each July with its Artdemossa art fair.

Then one of the artistic highlights of the year comes in August in the form of ‘Nit de l’Art’ ( `Night of Art ´) when galleries and artists in Sóller and Binairaix bring art to the people by throwing open their doors and exhibiting their artworks in the streets for visitors to enjoy.

Deiá has both the cultural centre, Sa Tanca, for the display of works as well as a renowned gallery, Sa Tafona in the La Residencia – A Belmond Hotel, which has its own artist in residence, Alan Hydes as well as a collection of over 800 artworks throughout the hotel by local artists.

There are regular exhibitions at both as well as the ‘Deiá Cultural’ festival in September.

Alan Hydes

The latest generation of painters who have made the Tramuntana their home have their own unique and modern styles and many have acquired international recognition. A particular favourite is Biniaraix resident Marcelina Etchegaray who uses vibrant colours and exquisite detail to bring the Tramuntana to life in the most amazing canvasses.

Artwork by Marcelina Etchegaray - Deiá

Marcelina Etchegaray – Deiá

So if, like so many other people, you are captivated by the beauty of the Tramuntana, why not visit the galleries and exhibitions and take home an original painting as the ultimate holiday souvenir!

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