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Walking along the Bay of Palma

Walking along the Bay of Palma should become a memorable highlight of your stay in Palma.

Take in the fresh sea air, watch the Palmesanos at play and stop along the way for a snack or a drink.

Hop on the No 15 Bus at Placa Espanya (opposite the train station, next to the large international newspaper kiosk). Your destination is either Ciutat Jardin (an hour´s gentle stroll back into Palma) or Portixol harbour (30 minute stroll back into Palma).

Bay of Palma - Majorca

Once off the bus head toward to the seafront and take in the view.

You will see Palma in the distance with its majestic Cathedral and the walk that lies ahead of you.

This has got to be one of the best seafront corniches in Europe. Walking along the promenade, your spirits are lifted by the fresh sea air, the sun glinting off the blue sea, the palm trees gently rustling in the breeze, and lots of people-watching opportunities!

The walking and cycle path run parallel so be mindful that the promenade is shared with cyclists and rollerbladers and they move pretty fast !Walking into Palma from Portixol

En route you will be tempted by an array of eateries and coffee shops that now make up this once sleepy fishing neighbourhood. Sea-facing properties along this magnificent promenade are now eagerly sought after (and its not hard to see why) with some apartments fetching upwards of €1million!

Enjoy the delightful old marina area of Es Molinar which you will pass, with lots of traditional llauts ( local Mallorcan fishing boats) and perhaps stop for a spot of lunch at the rustic clubhouse restaurantPortixol Harbour on a sunny day - walking along the Bay of Palma The myriad of benches along the way allows you to sit, take in the view of the cruise ships passing in and out of the Bay of Palma and the sheer size and majesty of  Palma Cathedral as it draws ever nearer to you.

Palma Cathedral from the pedestrian path in Palma

So whatever time of year you visit, summer or winter, walking along the Bay of Palma should definitely be on your list of things to do.

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