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Calvari Steps in Pollensa

A twist of alleyways off the main square, leads you to the Calvari Steps in Pollensa, all 365 of them!

The charming old town of Pollensa sits a few kilometres from its port, at the the furthest point north of the Tramuntana mountain range.

Calvari Steps Pollensa

Flanked by cypress trees on both sides, the challenge of the steps is to keep us fit and the climb is well worth the effort, leading up to a tiny church, the Calvario Chapel.

Calvari Church

Once you have popped your head inside this tiny Chapel, you can take in the spectacular view, out to the coast and the Formentor peninsula beyond. Not too much of chore in cooler months to climb the Calvari Steps but slower in the hot summer months.

When you have descended, make sure you take time to have a good look around.

Pollensa old town - Calvari Steps - Mallorca

Pollensa has become very smart in recent years with a huge influx of international visitors who have bought holiday villas in the area which in turn has led to the opening of new boutiques, gift shops, interior design shops as well as gourmet delicatessens and restaurants to cater for these new tastes.

Pollensa has its fair share of fiestas throughout the year, one of the most popular being the Wine Fair in April held in Pollensa’s Santo Domingo cloister. A wonderful opportunity to discover and taste some of Mallorca’s excellent wines, many of which are harvested just minutes away.

Main Square Pollensa Old Town

See Pollensa Wine Festival for more information about the fiesta.

Pollensa and and its surrounding area is great to visit any day of the week, whatever the Mallorca weather but if you can drop in on a Sunday, when the weekly market rolls into town, then all the better.

There are the usual fruit and vegetable stalls but also an array of handicrafts and jewellery. Its a classy affair.

Main Square Pollensa - Old Town Market

If you haven’t hired a car, there is a regular daily bus service from Palma, taking about an hour.

Pollensa is easily do-able as a day excursion from Palma.

It makes a wonderful day out.

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