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Carnival in Mallorca is a time to party big-style !

With the start of Lent looming, this year´s Carnival festivities take place around the island and in Palma on Sunday 27 February 2022, but for children only, Sa Rueta.

Sa Rua, the parade for adults has been suspended in Palma for 2022.

Palma de Mallorca Carnival - Sa Rua Palma - Carnival

Known in Mallorca as `Els Darrers Dies´(the Last Days ) reflecting the fact that these are the last days of meat-eating prior to the abstinence of Lent, towns and villages across the island celebrate by putting on one of the biggest fiestas of the year.

Palma Carnival - Clown Smiling Sa Rua - Gabriel Rubert

Central to the celebration is the Carnival parade (there are in fact two, the children´s parade ´Sa Rueta´ and the grown-up´s parade ´Sa Rua´ ) which involves bands, floats, costumes, masks and lots of dancing. It is a riot of colour and merry-making. The biggest and most exuberant parade of course takes place in Palma.

Sa Rua - Palma Carnival Cowboys - Gabriel Rubert

Taken very seriously by each town council, Carnival parade routes are plotted, posters go up, road closures are put in place and arrangements made with local schools and organisations. No detail is overlooked to make sure everyone has a good time and there is even a Bank Holiday so there is extra time to party (and recover !).

Carnival Palma 2020 - Sa Rua

Don´t think however that Mallorca goes to sleep during Lent. Far from it ! As an antidote to the self-denial of meat (and other pleasures!), the City of Palma hosts the Fira del Ram, an enormous annual Funfair which lasts until Easter weekend. So, if you are a lover if fairgrounds then Palma is the place to be.Palma de Mallorca Carnival - Sa Rua Palma - Carnival - Fira del Ram

With some 200 attractions, amusement rides, tombolas, bars and traditional stalls, this is big ! The fair is located at Son Fusteret, has parking for over 2,000 cars and the No. 10 bus passes right by from the Palma bus station.  Bus Number L10 Timetable 

So if you fancy a party then come and indulge your senses. Visit Mallorca for Carnival!

February is a perfect time to visit; almost always 10 degrees warmer than most Northern European countries and longer daylight hours. Plus you get to see Mallorca wearing its very best `dress,´ the four million almond trees in blossom, a sight to behold. Spectacular Almond Blossoms in Mallorca

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