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Born in the garden of England, the county of Kent, Chef Marc Fosh arrived in Mallorca some 20 years ago bringing with him years of experience in London, France and the San Sebastian region of Spain. Gaining first a Michelin-star at Read´s Hotel, he later gained a second when he set up on his own at restaurant Marc Fosh  situated in the recently renovated Convent de la Missio Hotel.

Marc has kindly taken the time to speak to MallorcanTonic.

What was your first big break ?

The Capitol Hotel in Knightsbridge in London. I was only seventeen and the executive chef was Brian Turner. I learned a lot from him, not least how important it was to know your customer by taking the time to come out of the kitchen and have a chat with your diners.

Do you have any cooking rules in your kitchen ?

Yes. All the food should be locally sourced and there is no butter or cream used at all. Mallorca´s olive oil  is probably the best in the world so why not use it?

What is your favorite kitchen equipment or gadget?
It has to be the Thermomix which has transformed service in the kitchen.

What has been your strangest kitchen incident?

As a sous-Chef, I was invited to Brazil to cook and our hosts, who were keen to impress, asked what I would like to cook. I said seabream. But as I filleted the fish, I noticed the knife hit something hard – a bullet !

What for you is the the most challenging ingredient to work with?

I would say pig´s ears.


What is your favorite food memory?

It has to be fish and chips and mushy peas as a child growing up.

What is your favourite veg?

I have always loved all vegetables  but carrots are my favourite.

Which chef do you admire the most?

Michel Bras from Aubrac in France. A creative chef who is intuitive and innovative. His Restaurant Michel Bras opened in 1992 and has held three Michelin Stars since 1999. Quite a feat!

Marc Fosh Restaurant Palma

Who would you most like to cook for ?

As a huge West Ham football supporter, I had great respect for their Captain of ten years, Bobby Moore OBE, and would have been honoured to have cooked for him.

What do you do in your spare time to wind down?

Did you say spare time ? Ha Ha . I have three children aged between 16 and 23 and so its all about family time.

What do you most love about your job?

I have the privilege of spending time with people from all walks of life from the kitchen porters and washers-up to the diners in the restaurant.

Marc Fosh Dessert

What is your desert island meal?

Lobster and chips with mayo of course !

Marc Fosh offers one of the best value week day lunches in Palma €49.50 for 5 courses.

In the evening, you can enjoy a seven course degustation menu at  €98.00 per person.

So whatever the Mallorca weather, treat yourself to a gastronomic journey.

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MallorcanTonic Bonus

Complimentary welcome glass of cava when booking a table for lunch or dinner.

Just pop : MallorcanTonic – FREE CAVA in the subject box 

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