5 Reasons to Spend Christmas in Mallorca | December in Mallorca

5 Reasons to Spend Christmas in Mallorca

As cooler days arrive, our thoughts turn to winter and of course Christmas and here are 5 Reasons to Spend Christmas in Mallorca.

With a Mediterranean climate , longer day-light hours and blissfully distant from the grey and dark of home – why not escape to Mallorca ! 

Long before we lived on Mallorca, we visited for five days over Christmas. We based ourselves in a hotel in Palma and, to be sure we ate on Christmas Day, we booked dinner in the hotel. Oh how things have changed since then, almost twenty years ago !  

Now there are numerous eateries to choose from over Christmas and most hotels offer a ´Gala ` lunch or dinner on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. 

5 Reasons to Spend Christmas in Mallorca

The weather can be amazing over Christmas and there is a good chance you will be wandering around in shorts or short sleeves. You can explore the island by car with almost empty roads. Christmas in Mallorca really is a lovely time to visit, a time steeped in the island’s culture and traditions, many of which you can enjoy and participate in. 

Bay of Palma - Belens - 5 Reasons to Spend Christmas in Mallorca

Here is a little flavour of what there is to enjoy as well as the sunshine ! 

The Christmas Lights 

The Christmas lights which adorn the island´s towns and villages switch on at the end of November and Palma´s magnificent Christmas lights are switched on with a grand count-down ceremony the Thursday evening before Black Friday and the shops stay open late. 

Christmas - Palma Mallorca - Mallorca in Winter


In homes, towns and villages across the island you will see nativity scenes or Belens as they are know in Spain. (Belén is the Spanish word for Bethlehem). This tradition of building your own Advent scene dates back to the 18th century and is still an important tradition to this day. The Santa Catalina Market Belen in Palma for example is well worth a look as is the one in The March Foundation Museum which has an ornate crib scene of Italian origin “Belén Napolitano” with 2,000 hand crafted pieces dating back to the 18th century. 

Belens - 5 Reasons to Spend Christmas in Mallorca

Town halls across the island have Belens, reflecting island life and all the figures are made by hand. In the Plaza Major Christmas Market you can buy your own figurines and build your own to take home with you! 


For those of you with a sweet tooth, from early December the shops start to fill with Christmas Turron, made from a mixture of honey, eggs, sugar and toasted nuts, whose origins date back some 500 years to the time of the Moors. Many of best home-made turrons can be bought at Santo Cristo bakeries of Palma or Sóller or Turrones Vicens, Calle Bosseria in Palma. 

5 Reasons to Spend Christmas in Mallorca

Christmas Eve 

On Christmas Eve the ancient and mysterious Cant de la Sibil·la (Song of the Sibyl) is performed in churches across the island in the same way it has for hundreds of years. Sung always by a woman carrying a sword, accompanied by children carrying candles, it is sung as a chant, capella-style. Very moving. 

The main events take place in Palma Cathedral from 23:00 and Lluc Monastery from 22:00 during the Misa del Gallo, the Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Markets 

Palma’s two main plazas, Plaza Major and Plaza España hold markets from early December to the end of the first week in January. Pueblo Español also holds a Christmas Market and the Puerto Portals German Christmas Market opens on 16 December 2021 to 6 January 2022.

In addition to pocket sized Palma, it´s easy to criss cross the island exploring and enjoying food, wine, museums, galleries, the natural caves and historic sites. Or take a walking trail or hop on a bike. Plus there are plenty of opportunities for shopping with locally made souvenirs or take part in the cultural fiestas.

Of course there are many more than 5 Reasons to Spend Christmas in Mallorca, these are just a few.

Christmas in Mallorca

Click the link for a look at hotels to stay in – there are a few hotels outside of Palma that have chosen to stay open this winter in Pollensa, Sóller and in the countryside, all with excellent winter rates, plus of course further discounts with our special promo codes. 

Enjoy Winter in Mallorca..

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