Nit de l’ Art Palma | Palma Art Exhibition | September Art in Palma

Nit de l’ Art Palma

The 28th annual Nit de l’Art Palma takes place on 21 September 2024 when the cooler night air lends itself perfectly to this cultural extravaganza. 

Organised by the gallery owners association, Art Palma Contemporani, who delight in sharing their love of art and co-ordinate some 30 galleries and cultural buildings to bring this free event to the public. 

The galleries and art spaces are open for four days from 6pm to 11 pm showcasing contemporary art in new and exciting ways and many also offer a glass of cava for you to enjoy while you view the art.

The old town is transformed. Bars, cafes, rooftops, facades of historic buildings, shop windows and balconies are used to exhibit art with both young talents and seasoned professionals from the artistic community taking advantage to show their work to the public.


This city-wide open air gallery is one of the most colourful events in the island capital with performing artists, street theatre and music in the main squares and avenues. Thousands of art-lovers, both local and visitors, descend on Palma on what has become one of the largest annual art events in Europe. 

Gallery Red - Nit de l' Art

Many of the shops stay open late, some playing music, all adding to a party atmosphere and, of course, the restaurants are buzzing. 

Following the inaugural weekend event of the Nit de l’Art Palma 2024, guided tours in Spanish, Catalan and English will be offered. The program of free visits can be found here.

So why not mingle around this international offering of art, admire the works on display and soak up the vibe on this special night. 

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