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Gardens of Mallorca

Gardening is all about patience. Nurturing a seed into a mature plant takes time and persistence – qualities in short supply in modern lives. But for those that do not have either, the pleasure can be all the more visiting other gardens and enjoying the work of others. Especially when we are on holiday. Which is why the gardens of Mallorca are receiving huge numbers of visitors in the last few years. 

The gardens of Mallorca are beautifully planted, serene, meditative, and give a glimpse into the history of the island, and with Mallorca’s mild climate year round, its gardens thrive. 

If you are visiting the Cathedral in Palma be sure to visit the Jardines de S´Hort del Rei. This is the perfect place to escape the hot sun and enjoy the shade of the trees, fountains and sculptures. A haven in such a busy part of the city. 

These Moorish-style gardens, originally part of a royal palace, are particularly fertile, a result of the original route of a river which ran along side, ( now diverted) and the gardens abound with exotic vegetation. Take a seat and enjoy. 

The Royal Family’s official residence in Mallorca, Marivent Palace opened its doors to the public in 2017 to offer the island’s residents and visitors a spectacular and relaxing walk through its more than 9,000 m2 of gardens offering some 40 different varieties of plants most of which originate from Mallorca.

Marivent Palace at Sunset - Mallorca In the gardens you will also see 12 bronze sculptures by Joan Miró which were kindly gifted to the palace.

The gardens are located about 20 minutes by bus from Palma at Cala Major. Please note they are closed for Easter and from the 15th of July to the 15th of September while the Royal Family is in residence.

The Jardines de Alfabia, at the foot of the Tramuntana mountain range, were once the estate of the Moorish governor of Mallorca with a grand 15th century manor house at their centre. Whilst the gardens have been updated over the years, many Moorish elements remain – such as the water features, ancient cistern which collects rainwater for the gardens and the date palms swaying in the gentle breeze. All is symmetry, harmony and tranquility. 

Perhaps the most photographed shot for visitors is the long pergola covered avenue of vines where jets of water spray from stone hydras to dramatic effect. On a hot day it is the perfect way to cool off!  

The gardens are well laid out and lead you down to an open terrace where you can sit and enjoy a freshly squeezed orange juice from the oranges on the estate. You can also visit the manor house which tells the history of the estate.

Situated on the outskirts of Sóller are the Jardi Botanic de Sóller. The rich and fertile soil of the Sóller valley has allowed for a huge array of trees and plants to be grown.  The gardens are snugly but beautifully laid out, with the spectacular backdrop of the jagged peaks of the Tramuntana mountain range behind.

Jardins Botanic - Soller

Opened in 1992, Jardin Botanic de Sóller is more than just a botanic garden. It is a centre for study of the Balearic Islands ́ biodiversity and as such has a team of professionals devoted to the care of endangered species. Its bijou museum houses exhibits of Mediterranean flora and fauna. 

The gardens are also a centre for local events and summer schools for the local children but welcome visitors year round to enjoy this tranquil botanical oasis.

So next time you visit Mallorca take the time to visit one of the island´s stunning gardens. 

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