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Everyone´s doing it. Presidents, Prime Minsters, pre-schoolers and pregnant mums to name but a few so now it´s your turn to strike a pose with Earth Yoga Palma.

Life is so busy these days that sometimes we just crave some tranquility and `me-time´.

Earth Yoga - Yoga in Palma

The beauty of yoga is that you can take part whatever your age and whatever your fitness levels. There are so many styles of yoga but most are based on the same principle that the poses (asanas) each offer numerous benefits including lowering blood pressure, reducing anxiety and keeping in you subtle and flexible.

Yoga in Palma - Earth Yoga - Best Teachers

What better way to sample or indeed continue with your practice than to discover a studio while you are in Mallorca, and Earth Yoga in Santa Catalina is just the place.

Founded a decade ago the team at Earth yoga have a commitment and passion for yoga.

Earth Yoga created a space where a community could grow with people from all walks of life coming together not only to practice yoga but also meet with like minded souls.

You can choose from two studios, one in the heart of the neighbourhood of Santa Catalina which offers a light bright airy Scandinavian-style space in Palma or their studio in Portals located within the Sporting Fitness Complex.

Yoga in Palma - Earth Yoga - Santa Catalina Yoga

Offering daily Yoga classes, mainly `Vinyasa Flow ´ (where one dynamic pose flows into the next offering a workout as well as a yoga experience), there is a wide selection of classes to attend for beginners right up to advanced levels and a good selection of class times.

Yoga in Palma - Earth Yoga - Santa Catalina Yoga

Earth Yoga also offer classes for children and teenagers as well as running special events throughout the year with visiting yoga gurus from around the world.

Book yourself a class at Earth Yoga in Palma and let your soul catch up with your body.

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